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Chiropractic assessments can reveal unapparent issues that could become bigger issues if left unaddressed. Since the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls everything and is housed by the skull and spine, correct alignment of those structures leads to optimal health. Health is not just the absence of symptoms, but rather the perfectly coordinated function of brain to body and constant adaptation to stress outside and inside the body. Gonstead chiropractic adjustments help the body to move evenly, reducing joint wear and tear. Regular chiropractic care ensures that little problems do not become serious issues in the future. Not only do adjustments assist the body to age more gracefully by preserving mobility, they are scientifically proven to lower inflammation. A better functioning nervous system promotes peak performance, increased energy levels, and improved immune function.

‍Based on her dietetics degree andpost-doctorate nutritional certification, Dr. Colton works with her patients toadopt healthy habits to maximize quality of life. In addition, she advocates anactive lifestyle for her patients to maintain spinal health.
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Chiropractic care may help you with many conditions, such as:

Colton Family Chiropractic Wellness Adjustment
Wellness Chiropractic Care
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Colton Family Chiropractic Neck Pain
Neck Pain
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Colton Family Chiropractic Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain
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Colton Family Chiropractic
Sciatica or Leg/Arm Pain
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Colton Family Chiropractic Migraine Headaches
Migraine Headaches
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Colton Family Chiropractic Lower Extremity Pain
Lower Extremity Pain
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