Meet The Doctor

Dr. Katrine Colton

Dr. Katrine Colton is a Wausau native. She pursued her Bachelor's degree in Dietetics and Nutritional Science at UW-Madison and then interned with Germany’s top nutritionist in Freiburg, Germany. Returning home, she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She is committed to improving families' health through Gonstead chiropractic care. Dr. Colton helps people experience their peak potential- at any age. Her chiropractic adjustments maximize each person's inborn ability to heal through neurologically-focused care.

Dr. Katrine Colton, Colton Family Chiropractic
My Story

Dr. Katrine Colton

During her chiropractic education, she interned in three Gonstead offices and was a teaching assistant in chiropractic technique classes. In June 2018 Dr. Colton graduated summa cum laude with academic excellence and research honors awards. Thereafter, she developed a thriving family wellness practice in Berlin, WI for 3.5 years. After getting married she moved to Sheboygan to join her husband, Brian. In her free time she enjoys cross-country skiing, world travel, cooking healthy meals, gardening, hiking, yoga, weightlifting, biking, involvement with her church, and spending time with friends.

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My Specialties

Pediatric Chiropractic

Babies go through a lot of stress and strain during the birth process, whether delivery is natural or Cesarean section. Birth strain can cause many conditions in babies that arise from misalignments in their neck, skull bones or back. When bones are even slightly out of place, it disrupts the normal function of the nervous system, which affects how their bodies function and develop. If your baby has any of the conditions listed below, Dr. Colton can help to find the root cause of your child’s issue and correct it with gentle hands-on adjustments.

The adjustment for babies is vastly different than for adults and older children. When performing adjustments on babies and small children, the pressure used by Dr. Colton is roughly the pressure used to check the ripeness of a tomato. Dr. Colton uses a pediatric chiropractic technique that minimizes twisting and bending in the spine. Because she adjusts by hand, she is able to tailor the amount of pressure used with each patient.

At your baby’s or child’s first appointment, Dr. Colton, who has extensive pediatric chiropractic training and over five years of experience, will evaluate your child with a thorough neurological evaluation and chiropractic analysis. She will develop an individualized treatment plan for your child to allow their body to begin healing and functioning optimally.

• Reflux
• Colic
• Plagiocephaly (Flat head syndrome)
• Torticollis
• Constipation
• Ear infections
• ADD and Hyperactivity
• Tics
• Sleep issues
• Breastfeeding issues
• Latching issues related to tongue ties, lip ties, and cheek ties
• Bedwetting 
• Toe-out walking
• “Pigeon-toed” walking
• Delayed motor development
• Delay in reaching developmental milestones

Prenatal Chiropractic Care
in Sheboygan

During all stages of pregnancy, moms-to-be go through a lot of body changes to accommodate the growing baby, which can also put physical stress on her spine leading to pain and discomfort. It is common for women to complain of low back pain while pregnant, as well as heart burn, sciatica, leg cramps, and constipation. This can lead to difficulty performing daily tasks as well as difficulties in labor. If a previous issue exists with the alignment of the spine, and there has been a history of lower back problems, pregnancy will often aggravate the condition.

Dr. Colton, a Webster-certified chiropractor, provides prenatal and postpartum care to Sheboygan women. She completed her Webster technique certification in 2019. Since then Dr. Colton has blended the Webster technique with Gonstead chiropractic care promoting comfort for pregnant women and improving labor and delivery outcomes.

In addition, Dr. Colton uses Dynamic Body Balancing, a myofascial release approach that releases tight and bound tissues through light touch in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the pelvis and abdomen.

Post-partum chiropractic care can help mother’s bodies return to an improved spinal alignment as new moms recover from labor and delivery. After a baby is born, new stressors come into play as she cares for her newborn.

Senior Chiropractic

As people age, many people in Sheboygan notice that they cannot move as easily or painlessly as they used to. Gonstead chiropractic care helps many seniors to preserve their mobility and function as they age. The precision and specificity of Gonstead chiropractic adjustments allow gentle, painless correction of spinal misalignments (subluxations). Dr. Colton is trained to provide top-notch care to seniors and works with many patients up to their 90s to keep them mobile and functioning at their best.

Gonstead System

5 Components of The Gonstead System

Why make a decision concerning someone’s health with anything less than all of the available information? Every patient deserves to have a correlated analysis in their clinical picture to ensure the highest level of chiropractic care in Sheboygan. This provides the most accurate assessment during each step of a patient’s healing journey.

Not one thing is certain which is why we use Visualization, Instrumentation, Palpation, X-Ray, and patient symptoms to determine the exact spot that we need to adjust on a patient. When all of these correlate, we are able to deliver the most specific adjustment to the patient possible. The greater the specificity, the greater the change we will notice in the patient’s health. Dr. Gonstead noted that three adjustments on the wrong vertebral segment could cause a Subluxation; therefore it is extremely important to be as specific as possible.


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In the Gonstead System there are Full Spine, both A-P and Lateral views. Film size is 14” x 36” with the patient placed to include ishia to occiput. Full Spine films use less radiation than sectionals, provide an accurate vertebral count, provide full spinal contour representation for posture analysis with axial weight bearing, and show problems other than the chief complaint—all of which are not attainable through the use of sectional films. Full spine X-Rays are essential to Gonstead Chiropractic. They allow us to regard the patient as a whole during analysis and corrective procedures.


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Classically a dual probe instrument (Nervoscope or Delta-T) is used to get a bilateral temperature comparison of the spine to locate areas of inflammation. The readings obtained through instrumentation will show whether or not subluxations are present, if they are being corrected, and when correction has been attained.


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Both static and motion palpation are utilized in the Gonstead system of chiropractic to precisely pinpoint the spot in the spine that is not moving correctly. Static palpation is the "hands on" part of the examination. This is why women wear gowns and men remove their shirts so the skin changes can be observed. This will indicate changes in contour, tone, texture and temperature on the patient. Motion palpation uses gentle bending of the spine to determine a subluxation and its listing.


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We take into account all the information we can get from the patient by simply looking at them very carefully. In the Gonstead System, Visualization starts from the moment the patient walks in the door. Differences in height between the ears, shoulders and hips as well as posture and gait are useful to confirm your X-Ray and Palpation findings.

CASE MANAGEMENT (Symptomatology)

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Although never used in a “cook-book” fashion, understanding problems with a patient’s health helps us determine the area that a patient needs to be adjusted. Symptoms can help separate the two parts of the Autonomic Nervous System (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) and aid us in applying a specific adjustment. In the Gonstead System we apply all the information from these modes of analysis and correlate our findings to determine the most likely cause of the patient’s problem. After Subluxations are found, the use of the proper Gonstead technique is applied to effectively correct problem areas. The Gonstead system focuses on the dynamics of intervertebral disc as the underlying cause of subluxations and resulting neurological dysfunction. It could then be said that Gonstead doctors are “disc doctors”.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Practiced Gonstead chiropractic in Berlin, WI from July 2018 – December 2021 and had a thriving, family wellness practice
  • Completed 100 hours of training in Dynamic Body Balancing for levels I, II, III, IV and V from Dr. Carol Phillips- consisting of advanced cranial and orofacial work, myofascial release & unwinding and craniosacral techniques for the infant, pediatric and pregnant populations.
  • Completed training on Chiropractic Considerations for Tethered Oral Tissue and Co-Management of Infants with Sub-optimal Breastfeeding in 2021
  • Instructor for the Gonstead Methodology Institute since 2021
  • Personally mentored by the international authority on pediatric chiropractic care, Dr. Claudia Anrig, author of Pediatric Chiropractic, since 2020
  • Post-doctorate nutritional certification for the State of Wisconsin since 2019
  • Webster-certified for helping pregnant moms since 2019
  • Member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association since 2019
  • Member of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association since 2019
  • Troxell Intern in the Troxell Intern Program from 2016-2018 in Davenport, IA
  • Completed a Preceptorship with Gonstead Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Wild from March – June 2018 in Sheboygan, WI
  • Completed an Internship with Gonstead Chiropractor Dr. Rick Burns from October 2017 – March 2018 in Moline, IL
  • Recipient of 100 Hours Plaque for study in the most advanced work in the Gonstead System—Gonstead Methodology Institute in 2018
  • Recipient of 100 Hours certificate in additional Gonstead training in the Gonstead Boot Camp Seminars – Dr. Herb Wood, Gonstead Clinical Studies Society in 2018
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA in 2018
  • Academic Excellence Award from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA in 2018
  • Research Honors Award from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA with a platform presentation of my research in Dallas, Texas in March 2018 at a chiropractic research conference
  • Published research in the Journal of Chiropractic Education in 2018
  • Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Nutritional Science & Dietetics in 2013